Best Fascinating Lighted mirror’s

Lighted makeup Mirror’s the detachable part of your make-up routine. There are numerous kinds of mirrors available at the market. So how to choose the best, that fills all your check boxes? I’ll help you out.

Here is the strategy to decide, so first thing that matters is your budget,  then quality, and the features. And finally checking customers review. So, here I have written about top 5 mirror  — the first one being the best in terms of price, quality and features — second & third being the cheapest with best qualities — fourth & fifth being the premium and expensive too.  Following are the best lighted makeup mirrors, and the details are collected from based on the reviews of customers.

1.Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror With 5x Magnification: 

(Price $36 at amazon )

It is a lighted magnifying mirror from Jerdon, the best in terms of price, built quality and look. This mirror comes with 5x magnification, tri-fold & two-sided setup. Dozens of reviewers make note of how much easier it is to apply makeup with this lighted makeup mirror from Jerdon.

Pros :  This is the best mirror for daily makeup, it’s lighting is pretty strong , and is very bright and has a very large magnification. Over 80 five-star reviews also mentioned in amazon.

Cons: Although it’s the best mirror under budget in the market till date, but still it has one drawback i.e. most user complain that the built material seems to be brittle, and could get broke easily. But no cases has been seen yet.

2.HOCOSY Travel Vanity Mirror with Lights:  

(Price $11 at amazon)

Hocosy has made the premium quality mirror at cheap price. It is a convenient mirror that can be used easily. Designed specifically for travel vanity. Users must keep this mirror in their buying list if they are eyeing to but cheap magnifying mirror.

Pros: The light is brighter than my current plug-in LED mirror, it is lightweight and can slide easily between outfits. It is very easy to operate, you just touch the button to turn it on or off and you can even change the brightness by holding the button down a few seconds .

Cons: It comes with the best lighting, but still some users doesn’t find it impressive as they expected. Using batteries is another drawback.

3.KEDSUM 6.8” 10x Magnifying LED Lighted Makeup Mirror : 

(Price $18 at amazon) 

This is another cheap mirror under budget from KEDSUM. It comes with 10x magnification with height 6.8”. This is clean, flawless mirror comes with the best quality considering under this low price. 

Pros: Dozens of five-star reviewers said they were pleasantly surprised by the quality of this mirror considering its low price, apart from its quality the LED lighting is very soothing and perfect for doing makeup.

Cons: As you can see this mirror in the image shown, it comes with a placing handle at bottom, so the majority of users have complained that it kept falling down while they were using this.

4.Waneway Lighted Vanity Mirror with Dimmable LED Bulbs and Touch Control Design: 

(Price $76 at amazon) 

This is the perfect mirror! For customers who have enough budget. The premium look of the mirror makes it more adorable and the lighting is plenty bright enough and yet is still dimmable. Although, it’s specially designed for vanities, but still this can be easily installed in your home as well. The LED lights at the edges give more premium feel to the mirror.

Pros: All in all, this mirror is great value for the money and recommend to anyone that’s looking to revamp their vanity and home space. The built quality is the best, among all the mirror mentioned. It has high resolution and can easily show every little thing in your face ranging from wrinkles to fine lines.

Cons: As it is mentioned in the product description that lights are dimmable, but users had complaints that the lights isn’t dimmable, and that’s very irritating. High price is another drawback of this waneway mirror.

5.Simplehuman Sensor Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror :

(Price $200 at amazon)

No one has imagined that mirror could also have sensors. But yeah! It’s true, simplehuman has developed such a mirror, having a built-in sensor due to which lights get on/off as you move close or away. It’s ’s very nicely made, with a high-quality mounting system that made it easy to install and you can also check Crates For Labrador Retriever .

Pros: The price of $200 is worth it, you’ll not regret buying it. It has got premium finishing, high magnification that can read every detail of your face and the amazing sensor because of which the light goes off as soon as you walk away. 

Cons: Some users felt that it is very overpriced. And moreover, the sensor sometimes stops working in the middle of their work, which is a genuine problem from this product. The hanging support seems to fell down someday, though it hasn’t seen yet, but still, a point to mark.

Hence, these are the top recommend mirror as per the users at amazon. Decide wisely according to your need and then make an order. All the products can be easily found at amazon, and you can see any of the above mirrors in depth. Above all the top mirror the Jerdon ( first one) is the best-lighted mirror, which is worth the money, premium built quality, and bright LED lighting. It is compact, handy and easy to setup. The tri-fold look makes it more attractive, and this Jerdon mirror is the most recommend mirror over any other mirrors at the amazon site.