layoffs, decline, decline, decline. Doesn’t matter size or location, the entire industry is in the midst of change. The Blog’s head spins just thinking about it. And The Blog’s a blog. It’s painful, exciting, nerve-racking, overwhelming.

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This issue of the Design Journal attempts to dig into these forces. The Magazine asked a select group of industry visionaries to dig in and help explain. The Blog suggests keeping an eye on your mailboxes. If you don’t get the magazine, sign up here.

Three of the key articles:
Looking back: Roger Fidler, a professor at the University of Missouri and a longtime innovator in visual journalism, looks at the visual legacy of what was once one of the greatest newspaper companies: Knight Ridder. Read his blog here.
Looking ahead: Eduardo Danilo maps out what newspapers need to do going forward. We’re not dying, he says, we are changing, and we need to continue to change. He uses real-life examples of how visual storytelling can use technology for incredible impact and results.
Looking at what’s happening: Industry expert Ken Doctor maps out 11 power points to understand what’s going on in the media world. He follows the money, the people and the numbers.

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